Staying In Business Through Proper Planning - Questions To Ask Your Fleet Repair Service

Posted on: 27 May 2017

Owning a fleet of vehicles is likely a sign of a robust and successful business, but it also comes with a wide variety of challenges. Keeping those vehicles on the road is absolutely essential for your business operations, but the wide variety in maintenance challenges can leave you struggling to keep up with your responsibilities and balance them with your business needs.

By staying engaged with your commercial fleet repair service, you can sift through the challenges and guarantee that you maintain a steady work flow. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask in order to get the knowledge you need and overcome the hurdles that may be standing in your way.

Ask About Staggered Scheduling

The worst case scenario for fleet maintenance is finding yourself in a situation where a critical mass of your vehicles has to be off the job. While some emergencies may not be able to be avoided, preventative maintenance should never sneak up on you and can be planned around if you give yourself enough time.

Your fleet maintenance service can work with you to determine how many vehicles you can bear to part with at a given time and use that information to develop a maintenance schedule. This way, you can avoid dreading work and instead simply integrate it into your daily operations.

Ask About Trends

Many fleets are comprised of similar vehicles, if not identical makes and models. This can allow you to gather a huge depth of knowledge on their care, as they may display similar characteristics and flaws as time goes on.

Be sure to ask your mechanics about any patterns that he or she is noticing in the care of your vehicles. Evaluating that data can then allow you to determine whether or not the fleet you've assembled is up to your needs, or whether you need to pursue different inventory.

Ask About Daily Usage

Making a mistake in the way you handle one vehicle may be bad enough, but replicating it throughout a fleet can have substantial consequences. Rather than making the same mistake over and over and paying for it to be fixed, talk to your fleet repair service about your daily usage. Use that information to allow them to source potential trouble spots, and from that analysis you might be able to adjust your business practices to better accommodate the wear and tear on your fleet.