• What Happens When You Drive With The Parking Brake On?

    It may seem like an odd problem, but it's one that occurs quite often. Many people don't realize that the car can still move even when the parking brakes have been applied. Unfortunately, the car isn't designed to run in this condition, and there will be several issues when this happens. The types of problems you'll face when driving with the parking brakes on will depend on how much the brake was applied.
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  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Request Powder Coating To Repaint Your Vehicle

    Powder coating is a chemical reactant process whereby powdered paint is activated via an electrostatic charge while it is sprayed onto metal. An oven melts the acrylic components in the paint, turning it into a liquid that fully coats and adheres to the metal underneath. If you are interested in having your car or truck repainted another color, here are all the reasons for asking the body shop for powder coating as the next paint application on your vehicle.
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  • Signs Your Truck Needs an Alignment & Factors That Cause Misalignment

    Your truck's suspension needs to be adjusted so that all of the tires are sitting at the proper angle. If it is not adjusted in this manner, then your truck is said to be out of alignment. Driving a truck with the tires out of alignment can cause, in the very least, uneven wear on your tires. Over time, it can also cause damage to the engine, transmission, and body of the truck since misalignment causes vibrations that work various components loose.
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