Most Common Ways Paint Jobs Get Messed Up

Posted on: 28 July 2017

One of the best ways for you to keep the paint looking spectacular on that car you are so proud of is to know how to avoid common issues. Sometimes, paint can be damaged by things that you wouldn't normally thing to guard your car against. Here are some of the most common ways paint jobs get messed up on many cars:

Parking under certain trees

A lot of people tend to look for those shady spots to park their cars under, especially when it's hot outside. However, if you park your car under certain trees, such as pine trees, then a pine cone or something else can fall on the car and cause scratches to the paint.

Parking too close to cars in parking lots

Before you smash in-between a couple of cars in a parking lot, make sure it's worth the risk of having your paint dinged when one, or possibly even both, of the people in the other cars go to get in their cars. Since you have caused them to need to squeeze in, the chances are they may not care to be as careful.

Parking your car on the street

When you park your car out in the open, even when you are at home, you leave it susceptible to many problems. If you have it on the street then cars driving by can accidentally throw gravel up that hits it, kids can egg the car which can really damage the paint, a kid can accidentally run into the car, people can throw things at the car, cats can walk across it with their sharp claws, a dog may jump on it in an attempt to chase a cat or a car can even run into your car; there is no end to the amount of damage that can be done to your car's paint simply by being parked in front of your own home.

Letting people write on the car with their fingers

The chances are great that at one point or another you have had someone write something on your car when you let it get a little dusty, or you've at least seen a car with writing on it. When someone writes something with their finger it pushes the dust into the paint and can cause a lot of light scratches.


Depending on how bad your paint does get scratched, auto body repair services can help you using a variety of methods. In some cases, they can buff scratches out. If the scratches are so deep the car needs them to be painted, they will be able to match the paint so you can't tell it was a repair job.