4 Reasons Why You Should Request Powder Coating To Repaint Your Vehicle

Posted on: 6 May 2018

Powder coating is a chemical reactant process whereby powdered paint is activated via an electrostatic charge while it is sprayed onto metal. An oven melts the acrylic components in the paint, turning it into a liquid that fully coats and adheres to the metal underneath. If you are interested in having your car or truck repainted another color, here are all the reasons for asking the body shop for powder coating as the next paint application on your vehicle.

1. It Is Extremely Fast

Traditional spray paint jobs are much slower and take a lot longer to dry. There is a lot of sanding involved, and repainting after sanding to get an even coat. That takes up a lot of time to paint just one vehicle. Powder coating, on the other hand, is typically complete in just one day or less, although a clear coat applied over the top to make the paint shiny may extend the process an extra day.

2. Your Color Choices Are Vast

Unlike standard auto body paint, powder paint allows you to choose from over fifty colors. You can also choose custom colors, such as the very popular "chameleon" paints that change color at different angles and in different levels of light. If you want parts of your vehicle to glow in the dark, you can do that with powder coat paints, too. In fact, you can get quite creative with these paints, creating a custom look that no other car or truck has. 

3. You Can Create Textures Too

Let's say you want to turn your truck into something that looks like a dinosaur. You want the exterior of your vehicle to have a brown, bumpy, scaly texture. No problem; you can actually get that look with powder coating. It would be nearly impossible to achieve with standard auto paints, but additives that the mechanic can put into the powder paint are simultaneously applied to the exterior of your vehicle along with the color of paint you have requested.

4. Powder Coating Resists Practically Every Destructible Force in Nature

That is not an exaggeration. Powder coating resists scratches, rust, corrosion, moisture, chemicals, bleaching from ultraviolet light, etc. Short of getting your vehicle crunched into a colorful accordion of immense size or having a tornado pick up your vehicle and throw it five miles away, not much else is going to affect the powder paint job on your vehicle.

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