Things To Think About When You Choose An Auto Body Shop

Posted on: 27 August 2018

If your car has recently suffered body damage, it is important to have it repaired right away, because body damage will actually lead to rust. Since rust can actually damage the body panels and eat away at them, you don't want to ignore it. If you're not familiar with how to do the work, you'll need to find an auto body repair shop to do it. Here are some of the things you need to ask about so that you know what kind of service you're getting.

Do They Offer A Warranty?

Many auto body repair shops will offer a warranty on their work. Find out what your auto body shop offers for warranty protection. Make sure that you understand exactly what is covered, how long it's covered for, and what kind of repair or treatment is provided as part of that warranty. That way, you know what your recourse is if something should happen with the repair down the road.

How Long Will Your Car Be In The Shop?

It's common to ask how long the repairs will take to complete, but many people don't think to ask how long the car will be in the shop in total. If the shop can't get to your auto repair project right away, your car might sit in the shop for a week or more before they can get started. Ask how busy they are and how long your car will be there before it gets repaired. That way, you will know exactly how much time you will be without the car so that you can plan more effectively.

Can You Get A Loaner Or A Rental?

Some auto body shops, especially those that are particularly busy, will offer you a loaner car or access to a rental off their lot while the car is being repaired. This is ideal if you have only the single vehicle because you will need to be able to get to work and run any errands while the car is being repaired. If they can offer this service on the lot, it saves you from having to get transportation to a rental car shop or other location, which can be difficult in some situations.

Is There Any Sort Of Insurance Protection While Your Car Is There?

The auto body shop may have their own liability coverage to protect your car while it is in the shop for repairs. That way, if something happens to your car while it is there, their insurance will protect it. If they don't have any insurance coverage that will extend to your car, you'll need to talk with your auto insurance provider to find out whether they will cover your vehicle if something happens while it's in the shop. It's important that you know exactly what coverage you have available to you.

Can They Match The Paint After The Repairs?

One common problem with auto body repairs is that there's often a visible difference in the shade of the paint when they repaint the repaired area. This is particularly problematic when your car has a custom paint color. If it's the original manufacturer's paint, the auto body shop will need to match any fade that has happened as a result of the sun, aging, and other causes. Ask them if they can match the paint color; otherwise you might need to have the entire car repainted to ensure that the paint matches across the whole car.

The more you understand about auto body repairs, the easier it is to find the right shop to get the work done. Use these tips and talk with a few local auto body shops to choose the one that's right for you.