2 Different Ways To Fix Your Vehicle After Its Damaged By Hail

Posted on: 9 March 2019

Hail can cause serious bodywork damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle was recently caught in a hail storm, and you want your vehicle to look like it did before, you need to contact an auto body shop. An auto body shop can get your vehicle looking like new again. There are two primary methods auto body shops use to fix up damage on vehicles caused by hail.

Body Fillers

One way to take care of dents caused by hail on your vehicle is by body fillers. Body fillers are a specially formulated material design to raise up the body of your vehicle where it is dented. Today's body fillers are made from high-tech material that are made to withstand the passage of time.

There are various types of body fillers. There are lightweight body fillers which are made for small dents. There are heavy-duty body fillers that are made for larger dents and damage. There are a wide variety of body fillers on the market today that are designed to work for different levels of damage and with different material types.

To fix the dents left over by the hail, body filler is applied over the dents. After the body filler dried, then the filler is smoothed over using sanding tools. Oftentimes, a layer of putty is applied on top of the filler to create a smoother appearance. Once everything dries, then new paint is put over the work in order to hide the work and give your vehicle the appearance of being damage free.

Body fillers are a great way to fill in dents and depressions in a vehicle. Body fillers have evolved in quality and can really make a vehicle look like new.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a very popular auto body repair technique that works well on damage created by hail. Whereas body fillers are about filling in the dent, paintless dent repair is about pushing out the dent.

The mechanics take off the trims and remove whatever is necessary in order to get to the back of the panel. Once they have access to the back of the body panel, they use specialized tools to push the dent forward. The tools used vary based on the size of the dent and material make-up of the body panel. This is a popular way to fixing hail damage as it doesn't require your vehicle to be repainted at all to get it looking great again.

Call up a local auto body shop, like Superior Dent Solutions, and get a quote for fixing your car using body dent removal options, body fillers and paintless dent repair. Once you have the quotes for both repair options, you can decide which one fits your budget and needs.