A Basic Look At Services Offered By Auto Body Repair Shops

Posted on: 10 July 2019

You probably have at least one of these places in your hometown, and you may have to visit one once or twice as a vehicle owner. However, a lot of consumers don't know what auto body shops have to offer. Here is a look at some of their basic auto body repair services

Auto-Body Filling - Auto body filling refers to the process of using a dense material to fill things like cracks or dents in the body of a car. The filler is used, and then the part of the car that is damaged will be repainted to match the rest of the vehicle. Body filling is no longer as popular as it once was thanks to the change in car body materials and the availability of things like paintless dent repair.

Glass Replacement - Not all, but many auto body shops offer things like windshield repair and glass replacement. If you get a cracked windshield or need an outdated set of windows replaced, these are things that most auto body shops can handle. 

Vehicle Painting - Of course, if you want to get the body of your vehicle painted a different color, an auto body shop can help you out. Most painting is done after collisions, but paint can also be discolored by exposure to the sun or by age alone. The body shop professionals can help by providing painting services to make your car's exterior look as good as new when it rolls out of their shop. 

Paintless Dent Repair - With the right tools and knowledge, most dents can be pulled out without having to also go through the process of painting a car. The best body shops these days offer this type of repair work, and it is actually more common than traditional dent repair processes. 

Aftermarket Body Modifications - Want a cool new spoiler, bumper, or scoop added to your ride? These are all examples of aftermarket body modifications that an auto body repair service can help you out with. They have access to the highest quality parts and equipment, so they can make an aftermarket modification look like it was always a natural part of your car. 

Graphics Installation - Adding graphics to your vehicle is a good way to make it stand out, whether you want some flames around the fender wells or digitized shading along the bottom. Auto body graphics should be professionally applied, and an auto body shop can do it.