Tips For Repairing Chipped Paint On Your Vehicle

Posted on: 7 April 2020

Is there a part of your vehicle with paint that is chipping off, and you're tired of looking at it every day? You may be tempted to fix the chipped paint on your own. Here are some tips for trying to take on this DIY auto body repair job.

Find The Paint Color

The first step to performing your own chipped paint repair is to track down the paint color code for your vehicle. It is printed somewhere on your vehicle in a place that is hidden away, so it is worth doing some research to find out where that code could be. All it will take is a simple search online with your vehicle's make, model, and year.

For example, it is common for the information to be on the side of the door, in the glove box, or even under the lid of the trunk. Once you find it, write down that color code, since you'll need that to buy the right color of paint. 

Clean The Surface

You will need to clean the area of your vehicle with the chipped paint, which can be done using soapy water and a sponge. It's fine if parts of the paint fall off when scrubbing the area. Just make sure to rinse off the area with clean water when finished.

Sand The Surface

You can sand the area using an electric sander that has sandpaper with a very low grit. Keep sanding the area until the paint is no longer flaking off the surface, and then switch to an even finer grit of sandpaper. You know you're done when the surface is smooth when you touch it. Wipe off the area with a lint-free cloth when finished.

Prime The Surface 

Evenly spray on a layer of primer to the part of the car that is damaged. Make sure to hold the spray primer the appropriate distance to prevent it from dripping. Let the primer dry completely before sanding the area with a fine-grit sandpaper. Then apply an additional primer layer and sand again. Finish by using the lint-free cloth to wipe off the surface.

Paint The Damaged Area

You'll want to use a touch-up paint that will spray onto the surface. It may take one of two coats to get the color correct, so take your time to make sure it looks right in various forms of lighting. When it looks good, use a rubbing compound to smooth out the painted area with a clean cloth by making circular motions. When finished, use another clean cloth to wipe off the surface.

For more information or help, contact an auto body shop.