Frame Damage And Your Car

Posted on: 6 May 2021

Frame damage can affect your car even if the accident is minor. Knowing the basics of this type of damage can help ensure you get the right repair.


When a frame is bent and out of alignment, it is more likely to suffer severe damage if there are any future collisions. Even a minor collision can be a danger. Not only will this result in major damage to your car, but the damaged frame also puts the occupants of the car at greater risk in the event of another collision because safety devices may not function properly and the car will also be more prone to crumpling up.

Further, it can be more difficult to drive a car with a damaged frame. Shaking, pulling to one side, and rough handling can all result from an out of alignment or warped frame. There will also be greater wear on tires, axles, and the entire drive assembly due to the stress of the damaged frame.

Inspection Method

An auto body mechanic can inspect the frame to determine the type of damage and its severity. The process begins with a visual inspection, where the mechanic will check for issues like creases to the frame, poor alignment of parts attached to the frame, and other visible signs of damage. If the damage is old, there may also be rust and cracking along the frame as a result of moisture worsening the issue.

The next step is to inspect the handling and function of the vehicle. Poor alignment and wheel tracking, especially if it can be remedied through the usual means, are a major red flag. Odd noises, often resulting from parts not aligning properly along the drive shaft, can also indicate a frame issue.


Whether or not to repair depends on the severity of the damage and the type of frame. Newer cars have unibody frames, which can nearly always be repaired because they are a single piece. The only exception is if the frame actually breaks, as in this case, it is best to replace the car. The frame is straightened by being placed on a frame alignment machine, which torques the frame back into the proper shape.

Older cars have ladder frames, which consist of multiple pieces welded and bolted together. These can be re-welded if they break, but bends in the frame are nearly impossible to fix in a safe and long-lasting manner.

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