Why Is A Collision Inspection So Essential?

Posted on: 20 September 2021

Drivers that find themselves involved in an accident could walk away unharmed, but that might not be the case with their vehicles. Even a car with a durable design may suffer significant collision damage. Fixing the body may be possible, but the process could take more time than expected. Drivers wanting their vehicles right away should understand that the body shop may need to perform a thorough inspection before fixing the exterior. The vehicle might have more extensive damage than realized, and a total fix might be necessary before the model is safe to drive again.

Hidden Damage to the Vehicle

A rear-end collision could cause apparent damage, such as a smashed bumper and broken lights. Underneath the impacted section are the wheels, and there could be damage to the brake lines connected to the wheels. Not repairing brake line damage might result in an unavoidable disaster if the brake fluid leaks since the vehicle cannot stop. Likely, an inspection would uncover problems with the lines as leaking fluid may be visible. Not all issues may be apparent, though. That's why a full safety inspection seems advisable.

Receiving the Full Compensation Amount

Accident victims would indeed seek an insurance settlement to pay for the losses. Learning the full extent of the damages makes it possible for the insurance company to make a fair settlement offer. A full inspection might uncover additional issues beyond even the safety ones. Maybe there are concerns about replacing the mirrors. The collision center may point these things out, and the insurance company's settlement offer might cover those additional repairs.

A Totaled Vehicle

A complete and thorough inspection could uncover so much damage that it's clear the vehicle is totaled. The owner might feel upset over the situation, but it is likely best to receive an insurance settlement, let the provider take the vehicle away, and look for a new car. An honest damage assessment from an auto body shop may help an owner move along with the process and not waste any time.

Giving the Inspection Time

A collision repair technician might need to remove many components to determine the full extent of the damage. Expect this process to take some time. Patience might wear thin after suffering a stressful accident, but the technician requires time to perform a proper job. If the final result is a repair job that brilliantly restores the vehicle, the wait is worth it.