Applying A Custom Car Wrap To Your Company Vehicle

Posted on: 29 December 2022

The use of custom car wraps can turn your company vehicles into mobile advertising platforms for your products and services. Not surprisingly, these wraps can be a marketing tool that may have a very high rate of return.

The Design For The Wrap Should Be Made So That It Is Easily Recognizable

A key factor in the success of your custom car wraps will be making the design as recognizable and easy to read as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when a business may fail in this regard, and this could contribute to individuals being unable to read the car wrap in the short time that they have as it passes by them. Due to this unique challenge, some businesses will choose to outsource the design of their custom car wraps to a service that has more experience with managing these challenges.

The Surface Of The Vehicle Will Have To Be Thoroughly Cleaned Prior To Applying The Wrap

The first step in the process of applying custom vehicle wraps to a car will be to thoroughly clean the exterior. This is necessary to allow the vinyl wrap to be applied directly to the finish of the car. A thin layer of dust or other substances on the exterior of the vehicle can be enough to prevent the adhesive from properly binding to the vehicle. As a result, you could find that the vinyl wrap will be far less durable. A professional vinyl wrap service will have tools that can quickly clean the exterior and dry it well enough for this work to proceed with minimal delay. Unfortunately, those applying these wraps on their own can often struggle with this as they may miss enough dust to create loose areas under the wrap.

Any Loose Areas That Develop Along The Edges Of The Car Wrap Should Be Quickly Addressed

If you notice that there are loose pockets near the edges of the wrap, it should be taken to a technician as soon as possible to repair it. When this problem is minor, the repairs that will be required may be as simple as simply applying a small amount of adhesive to secure the edge. However, waiting can allow this loose section to grow in size, and the flapping that may occur when the vehicle is in motion could warp this area too much to qualify for this simple repair. Luckily, this is a problem that typically only starts to arise several years or longer after the vinyl wrap has been applied.

For more information about custom car wraps, contact a local company.